Posted 8 February 97

Clarifications: "Newton's Law Of Anti-Gravity"....

8 Feb 97: It seems that Apple Recon fired the ire of some "Techno Purists" with the way we wrote the original "Newton's Law Of Anti-Gravity". So much so that we had "Errors on Your Site" messages piling into our mailboxes. Most of the "Errors" were known by us at the time of the writing and they were intentional, so we could address our target audience and relay the information in a way that we would understand.

FWIW, neither Robert Morgan nor RFI would talk about the markets to an engineer in the same manner that we would speak to a trader. Ergo, we can't talk about technology to a trader in the same manner that we would speak to an engineer.

However, in order to placate the "Techno Purists", we are going to "clarify" those "egregious errors" that were in "Newton's Law of Anti-Gravity"; lest they continue their messages....

We will answer them in the same way we answered the "representative sample" of the "Error" messages.

Date: Thu, 6 Feb 97 06:48:00 +0000

From: Various


You wrote in your 3 Feb 97:Newton's Law of Anti-Gravity:

Acorn is part owner of Advanced Risc Machines (ARM) that makes the StrongARM chips that run in the e-Mate 300, and other Newton products such as Pippin and the Newton 2000.

This statement has two major errors in it that should be corrected:

Error 1. The e-Mate 300 will NOT have the StrongARM as it's processor. We have access to a beta here and it does not have a StrongARM inside of it, nor will the final production units. The emate 300 DOES have an ARM card, but not a StrongARM card!

Answer 1: Yes, we know that the e-Mate 300 will not have a StrongARM card in it, but things change, no? The e-Mate 300 is fully capable of having StrongARM technology used in it in future versions. In fact, we wondered why it wasn't being used in the first versions. Maybe because it's a test run in the education market before it hits the consumer markets as a more powerful product?

Furthermore, if Acorn/ARM ever acquires the Newton Division, or licenses the NewtonOS, you can make darn sure that they will be using StrongARM chips in the eMate type devices they make. So, you were saying?

Error 2. The Pippin is NOT a Newton product!!!

Answer #2: I'm well aware that Pippin runs on "a subset of the MacOS" and does not run on the NewtonOS. However, since it has not been differentiated to the general public regarding this difference (the fault of Apple Marketing & PR), they perceive Pippin as "one of Apple's Network Computer (NC) / Information Appliance boxes like the Newton.." Ergo, the general public perceives Pippin as being a "Newton" even though it doesn't run on NewtonOS.

However, the public does know that both Newton and Pippin "talk to" MacOS and Pippin applications can run on MacOS boxes; which is one of the reasons game developers want the recent Bandai/Sega merger to abandon the Sega platform for the Pippin and make it "The Hottest Game Platform in the World". And Bandai/Sega appears to be listening as they reamin totally committed to Pippin. And if "PippinOS" ever runs or talks to NewtonOS....

You have to realize that the majority of Wall Street types are technologically ignorant regarding anything more than what they read in press releases or over the wires and even the majority of analysts/strategists and financial media types do: research, analysis, commentary and reporting via Press Release/Conference Call.

Error #3: The only part of your statement that is somewhate accurate is that the StrongARM will be the MessagePad 2000. There is no such thing as a Newton 2000 -- Newton is an operating system (just like Windows and MacOS are operating systems, not computers or devices!). The Newton is not a device or a model number -- the MessagePad 2000, which is often referred to as the MP2000, is the actual physical device you were referring to.

Answer #3: We're going to break this down into its several parts. A paragraph for each.

Gee. Thanks for telling us that the Newton MessagePad 2000 is going to be run on StrongARM technology, and conceding we were "right".

As for "There is no such thing as a Newton 2000 -- Newton is an operating system", puhleeze. Yes, NewtonOS is what powers the "MessagePad Personal Digital Assistants" but the common vernacular refers to the MessagePads as Newtons. That's what the public knows them as from the media reports and common usage. When a doctor in a hospital is looking for his MessagePad 2000, he doesn't say "Where's my MP2000 / MessagePad 2000?" No, he says: "Where's my Newton/Newton 2000? (if he wants to impress anyone within earshot)

Following that logic, I guess everybody shouldn't refer to their MacOS boxes as "Macs" because they should be referring to them as the model/part number rather than calling it after the OS it runs on. Make sure you "cc" that "error" to Apple and the rest of the entire known world. Better make that "galaxy" because I hear some of the "nauts" on Mir and the Shuttle take PB's , excuse me I meant PowerBook 190/5300/1400s along with them.... -Various

Finally. You have to understand that we don't target an audience that is intimately familiar, or at all familiar, with the intricacies of the MacUniverse.

Our target audience is Wall Street and investors, and we only put up "Recon Lite" and "Apple Recon" as "Free Resources" so everyone could have opportunity to access at least some of the information that Recon For Investors (RFI) publishes. We're used to dealing with Wall Street types who don't know the difference between a MP2000 and a PB3400.

Heck, most of them have been so scared off by the press that they think Macs are going the way of Commodore and Amiga.

And, it took a lot of courage to decide to post a site that was specifically addressed the trading opportunities in AAPL.O; especially given the groupthink on Wall Street.

Never mind the fact that Echo 4 Communications / Recon For Investors (RFI) is one of the only, if not "The Only", "All Mac Financial Research & Analysis Firms on The Street". Well, we're the only one who will admit it, given the market share of the Mac platform and "consensus" opinion vis-a-vis Apple and the Mac platform.

So, we're not too concerned what "Techno Purists" think about our "Egregious Errors" because the majority of our "Heresies" and "Errors" are later proven true. The "Bechtel Bastion Denizens" know it to be true, as do those who have been reading RFI for lo these many years.

Errors? Like "Hasta La Vista Performa" and all the other content we've posted in just the past few weeks? Never mind the track record we've established long before we deicded to post "Apple Recon" and "Recon Lite". Enough said.

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